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5-Step Guide for Transforming Employee Benefits Communications

Learn the secrets for easy year-round engagement.

Stop making benefits communications a lose-lose proposition for you and your employees

  • Currently, most benefits communications consist of a large packet of data, one annual presentation, and that’s it. However, employees need to make informed decisions year-round when it comes to their benefits to take care of themselves and their family.
  • The current structure leaves employees feeling unheard and confused, while employers miss out on chances to increase understanding and utilization of the benefits and increase employee satisfaction.
LearnYour Benefits

LearnYour Benefits

Effective benefits communications means happier employees, better retention, and more productivity

  • According to MetLife’s 19th Annual U.S. Benefit Trends Study, "when employees are satisfied with the frequency and clarity of communications from their employer, they are 156% more likely to feel valued and appreciated. "
  • And an Aflac study found that nearly 79 percent of employees agree that a well-communicated benefits package would make them less likely to leave their jobs.

Year-round communications alone are not enough

  • Creativity is key when it comes to communicating benefits in jargon-free language – use videos, testimonials, and social media.
  • And it pays off; Employees who say their employers' benefits communications are easy to understand are:


more likely to feel valued or appreciated


more likely to feel successful


more likely to be productive
LearnYour Benefits

Getting there is easier than you think

LearnYour Benefits has identified a 5-Step Roadmap to effectively increase the cadence of your benefits communications as well as employee understanding and engagement. Learn how to come up with a plan, utilize your greatest resource (hint: it’s the employees you already have), create jargon-free content, get creative with channels, and measure your efforts.

80% of employers are increasing their employee benefits communications…don’t get left behind!

Download the report to start on the 5-Step Roadmap to effective communications.​

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