An easy-to-use platform for all your benefits communications needs

LearnYour Benefits is the first video-communications platform that can pivot from open enrollment to on-boarding, to everything in between.

We enable you to shuffle designs, benefits videos, and all your resources, in real-time. Learn more about the features of the platform that allows you to be up and running in one time and seeing tangible results from employees.

LearnYour Benefits

Shuffle, promote, retain & evaluate

Our proprietary Shuffle-Promote-Retain-and-Evaluate approach helps you expertly promote your benefits during open enrollment or any time of the year.


Shuffle designs and content in real-time

  • Change your employees' desktop and mobile experience in seconds to boost engagement and improve the prominence of a specific benefit.
  • Shuffle all of your benefits content in seconds to raise awareness for specific benefits information or calls to action.
LearnYour Benefits Shuffle


LearnYour Benefits

Promote your benefits

  • We make video-focused benefits promotions easy to manage and effective.
  • Open-enrollment is a great opportunity to promote all your benefits, so use our virtual benefits fair experience to boost awareness even more.
  • Run campaigns for new benefits or cost-savings solutions well-before implementation, which will boost adoption in your first year of availability.


Retain your employees' attention

  • Your employees access LearnYour Benefits from an easy-to-remember, custom URL, which doubles the likelihood of future revisits.
  • Then, once you have an employee’s attention, keep it by surrounding your video library with all your existing videos and resources to encourage non-linear learning.
  • Our platform works with all your existing videos and resources, saving you time and money. Moreover, we have no storage or streaming limits, allowing you to host all your existing videos and resources to give your employees a one-stop shop for everything benefits and total rewards.
LearnYour Benefits


LearnYour Benefits

Evaluate your engagement

  • Measure your engagement with our real-time analytics package to assess whether employees are receptive to your open-enrollment or year-round communications.
  • After promoting your virtual benefits fair, health savings account, or wellness program, use our analytics to determine if your employees interacted with your resources or need a little more encouragement.

Competing Solutions

LearnYour Benefits
Decision Support Tools
Most Video Providers​
Benefits Administration Systems
Brief, Engaging Benefits Videos Always Included​
Open-Enrollment, On-Boarding, AND Year-Round Engagement from a Single Solution
Virtual Benefits Fair Experience Included​
Supports the Entire Employee Lifecycle and all Learning Preferences
Low Cost, High Year-Round Value​
Instant Answers to all Benefits & Total Rewards Questions​
Spouse and Family Friendly​
Works with All Third-Party Videos and Media​
Real-Time Site Design Changes
Benefits and Total Rewards Promotions​
Real-Time, Detailed Resource Analytics​
Real-Time Video and Media Management​
Analytics and Video Consulting Included​
Content Recommendation Tools for Non-Linear Learning​

Understand how the platform can work for you

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LearnYour Benefits