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The LearnYour Benefits Platform

The LearnYour Benefits Platform allows you to quickly and easily manage your own, private LearnYour Benefits Website. Fill your site with videos and resources employees and their families can access anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Highlighted features

Your brand
Your site will include your logo, your colors, and your resources. You can quickly update anything in seconds.

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Fill your LearnYour Benefits website with benefits engagement videos. You choose, in real time, which videos your employees watch. See us for stock, semi-custom, and custom video options.

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Quickly create workflows using your resources. Create one for enrollment, on-boarding, or major life events. This will save HR time and simplify employee engagement.

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Access real-time data on user sessions, videos viewed, and resources accessed. Monitor what engagement resources worked and use this data to improve future engagement.

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Why for employers

Branded for you

Your LearnYour Benefits site will be branded for your organization to improve connection with your employees.

Video increases engagement

Your site can be loaded with our library of benefits education videos. You can also add your own videos, third-party videos, or videos we create for you.

Upload your resources

Upload all your own PDFs, links, and contacts.

Analytics to improve future success

Real-time tracking of video plays and downloads of PDFs.

Why for employees

Web and mobile

Your site will be optimized for computers or mobile phones.

Custom web addresses simplify access

Unique web address for your employees with no apps to download.

Brief, visually-compelling content

Your employees will engage better with short, entertaining videos.

Benefits engagement 365 days a year

Open-enrollment, on-boarding, workshops, and events.

Additional standard features

Feature Description
Custom URL You get to pick a URL that’s easy to remember for you and your employees. Use this to increase employee recognition and improve engagement.
Mobile optimized Your site can be accessed anywhere you have internet access. No VPN access required. Each site is optimized for mobile devices without the need to download a mobile app.
Upload PDF’s Upload PDF documents as resources; PDFs are near-universally accessible.
Add videos Add your own inventory of videos. Make your LearnYour Benefits site your company’s video sharing site for any topic.
Add links Add links to third-party sites. Use this feature to direct your employees on their benefits education journey.
Add contacts Add contacts. Each contact is mobile optimized to load device mapping or phone call apps.
Categories Sort any and all resources into categories. Create categories such as retirement, dental, medical insurance, or vision benefits.
Videos library Your site can be loaded with our full library of videos. You control what videos are viewable by your employees.
Included calculators Give your employees access to our suite of consumer-directed health care calculators.
Global message board Post a message you want all employees to view. Change it as frequently as you want.
Beyond benefits Post any PDFs, contacts, or links you want. Make LearnYour Benefits the hub of your employee engagement and education program.
Robust streaming Enterprise-grade streaming delivers smooth video playback and reliable access.
Setup service Your setup fee includes branding, training, setup, administrative user setup, uploading of initial resources, and more.
Secure You can choose to password protect your site.
Support We are dedicated to client service and support. We try to respond to all questions and issues within a few hours.
Uptime promise We promise enterprise-levels of uptime and access. If your site is down, call us and we’ll compensate you in future periods.
Unlimited storage We presently have no storage limits. Upload any resources and videos you want, as long as they’re appropriate.
Quick Setup Your site can be live in as little as one to three days. Adding semi-custom or custom videos can take longer, especially during periods of high-demand. However, know we prioritize customer service and speed.

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