What does LearnYour Benefits help you solve with one set of features?

Explains your benefits quickly and visually

Explains your benefits quickly and visually  

  • By providing and delivering innovative, pithy and easily accessible videos in our platform, we help reduce complexity and increase clarity of your benefits and its communication.   

Engages employees about Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDHC)

Engages employees about Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDHC)

  • We provide compelling videos, which can help visually articulate HSA, HRA and/or FSA concepts quickly, empowering your employees to become better and more informed health care consumers.

Drives your plan adoption

Drives your plan adoption

  • When it comes time to drive employee adoption, we provide the best, quickest and most cost effective way to reach your employees and their spouses.
    Especially during open enrollment and onboarding.  

Provides your employees a ‘benefits communication hub’

  • The LearnYour Benefits platform provides your employees the perfect place to access all your organization’s benefits communication: videos, links, Calculators, PDFs and print materials. There are no mobile apps or software to download.  

Integrates with your existing employee benefits platforms or sites

  • As an optional service, the LearnYour Benefits platform can be easily linked or integrated within your current HRIS system, Benefits Administration System or your existing Internal Benefits Site.  

Tracks and measures your employee benefits communication

Tracks and measures your employee benefits communication

  • Our platform provides real-time analytics and reporting. We help you track the benefits videos your employees are accessing, including when and how many times your specific videos were viewed.   

Helps your HR staff work smarter not harder

Helps your HR staff work smarter not harder

  • Our platform is designed to allow HR personnel the ability to quickly and easily administrate your LearnYour Benefits site or sites.  This allows HR the ability to change videos, select new videos, load 3rd party or internal videos, change add or delete benefits related PDFs, links and contact information, in real-time.  

Why for employers

Branded for you

Your LearnYour Benefits site will be branded for your organization to improve connection with your employees.

Video increases engagement

Your site comes with our library of benefits education videos. You can also add your own videos, third-party videos, or videos we create for you.

Upload your resources

Upload all your own PDFs, links, and contacts.

Analytics to improve future success

Real-time tracking of video plays and downloads of PDFs.

Why for employees

Web and mobile

Your site will be optimized for computers or mobile phones.

Custom web addresses simplify access

Unique web address for your employees with no apps to download.

Brief, visually-compelling content

Your employees will engage better with short, entertaining videos.

Benefits engagement 365 days a year

Open-enrollment, on-boarding, workshops, and events.

Demos on your schedule

Watch our demo videos on your schedule. If you have questions, contact us.

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