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Powerful, Flexible Options for Video Education and Engagement

LearnYour Benefits is a video-first benefits communications and technology company. We help consultants, brokers, and partners offer video education and engagement to their clients and their employees. Using our video-first approach and powerful technology, you can modernize communications, streamline processes, and increase differentiation.

  • Brief, visually engaging videos are the most-efficient way to communicate benefits. You know your clients’ employees prefer not to read handouts or participate in long enrollment meetings. They prefer bite-sized, visually-interesting content. Transition to video communications with LearnYour Benefits today.
  • Videos should be prominently displayed and accessible by employees and their families. Create one or one-thousand branded LearnYour Benefits Websites to deliver videos and other media to your clients’ employees anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Why clients hire us

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Share videos, LearnYour Benefits sites, and resources across your client base to increase competitive differentiation and client stickiness. Your clients will appreciate the simplicity of management and their own increased efficiencies. And we’re here to help with implementations, training, and support.

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Want to reduce or eliminate PowerPoint work? Want to reduce enrollment meetings and related preparation time? Significantly reduce these processes to increase results oriented strategy consulting with your clients while increasing employee understanding and benefits utilization.

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Employees spend little time studying benefits options. They do not like attending open-enrollment or other educational meetings. Provide fun, pithy videos employees will take the time to watch.  

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Communicating consumer directed health plans is more important than ever. Today, most employers offer at least one consumer directed plan. We provide compelling videos, which visually articulate Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

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Benefit Administration systems bury communications in tabs and pages. Implement LearnYour Benefits Websites across your organization’s clients. Each can branded for you or your clients. Each is always accessible via desktop and mobile devices by employees and their families. And each is purpose-built to deliver videos, documents, links, and contact information. These are perfect for open-enrollment or on-boarding.

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The LearnYour Benefits team is regularly recognized for our quality of service and speed of implementation. From day one we’re dedicated to a consultative approach, strong communications, and timely support.

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Multiple video options for any budget, flexible benefit site implementations, and phased implementations. Our solutions are regularly a fraction of the price of custom or contemporary solutions.

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Flexible Solutions for Your Organization

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White-label implementations
Work with us to launch a video-first technology and service implementation branded for your organization or your clients’ organizations.
Revenue sharing programs
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Reseller programs
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Preferred rates and quick access to custom videos and services
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Enterprise or Custom Implementations
Some organizations require customizations, software integrations, unique designs, and consulting. Contact us for more Information. Contact Us
Paperless programs
Launch basic LearnYour Benefits websites to replace paper benefits summaries.

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