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LearnYour Benefits is a video-first benefits communications and technology company. We help employers visually-articulate their benefits and wellness programs with brief, visually-engaging videos and optional robust streaming technology.

  • We specialize in brief, visually-engaging videos because they are the most-efficient way to communicate your benefits and wellness programs.
  • Employees prefer branded and tailored videos from their employers, which is why we offer multiple, affordable semi-custom and custom video options.
  • Videos should be prominently displayed and accessible by your employees and their families anywhere there’s an internet connection. Create your own LearnYour Benefits Website on our LearnYour Benefits Platform.
  • We do all the heavy lifting. We do all the benefits gathering, video scripting, voiceover, video design, and implementation of your HR content. You approve it, before it goes live!

Why clients hire us

Explains your benefits quickly and visually
Did you know that employees spend approximately 20 minutes per year reviewing and enrolling-in their benefits? By providing fun, pithy, visually-interesting benefits videos your employees are more likely to become engaged, educated, and empowered to take action. We excel at brief, engaging videos.

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Communicating consumer directed health plans is more important than ever. We provide compelling video options, which visually articulate Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), and Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

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Benefit Administration systems bury communications in tabs and pages. Implement a one-stop LearnYour Benefits Website using our LearnYour Benefits Platform. Each is branded for your organization, always accessible by your employees and their families, easy to use, and purpose-built to deliver videos, documents, links, and contact information. It will be the focal-point of your benefits and wellness engagement practices.

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We can provide you with real-time tracking and analytics on the videos and other media your employees access. We will help you use the data to improve future communications.

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The LearnYour Benefits team is regularly recognized for our quality of service and speed of implementation. From day one we’re dedicated to a consultative approach, strong communications, and timely support.

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Multiple video options for any budget, flexible benefit site implementations, and phased implementations. Our solutions are regularly a fraction of the price of custom or contemporary solutions.

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Our platform is designed to allow HR personnel the ability to quickly and easily administrate your LearnYour Benefits site or sites. This allows HR the ability to change videos, select new videos, load 3rd party or internal videos, change add or delete benefits related PDFs, links and contact information, in real-time.

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Flexible Solutions for Your Organization

Solution Description
Just Videos
Some organizations come to us our HR Videos, only. We offer multiple semi-custom and custom video options, bought individually or in discounted bundles. To learn more, check out our HR Videos page.
Basic LearnYour Benefits Website
Stop producing paper benefits summaries that waste paper no one reads. Launch a basic LearnYour Benefits site that’s accessible anywhere and can be updated in real time. To learn more about LearnYour Benefits Websites, check out our LearnYour Benefits Websites page.
LearnYour Benefits Website with Stock Videos
Launch a LearnYour Benefits Website with our inventory of stock videos. Engage and educate your employees on benefit terms, 401k terms, and multiple CDHC topics.
LearnYour Benefits Website with Stock Videos and Semi-Custom Video Bundles
Launch a LearnYour Benefits Website with our inventory of stock videos and one or more semi-custom videos we will update annually. Each semi-custom video includes logos for your organization and benefit plans, a custom voiceover, and specific plan details.
Complete LearnYour Benefits Website
Launch a LearnYour Benefits Website with our inventory of stock videos and a thorough list of semi-custom videos and custom videos we’ll update annually. You will have a complete benefits education hub for your employees at a fraction of the cost of custom or contemporary solutions.
Enterprise or Custom Implementations
Some organizations require customizations, software integrations, unique designs, and consulting. Contact us for more Information.

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