Pooled Benefits Organizations

Cost-effective, flexible options for your members and their employees

Give your members videos and technology they can’t get anywhere else. Look to us to help you launch video-first benefits communications programs that increase employee awareness while increasing stickiness with your members and their covered employees.

  • Brief, visually engaging videos are the most-efficient way to communicate benefits. You know your members’ employees prefer not to read handouts or participate in long enrollment meetings. They prefer bite-sized, visually-interesting content. Transition to video communications with LearnYour Benefits today.
  • Videos should be prominently displayed and accessible by employees and their families. Create one or one-thousand branded LearnYour Benefits Websites to deliver videos and other media to your members’ employees anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Why clients hire us

Explain your benefits
Share videos, LearnYour Benefits sites, and resources across your client base to increase competitive differentiation and member stickiness. Your members will appreciate the simplicity of management and their own increased efficiencies. And we’re here to help with implementations, training, and support.

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Employees spend little time studying benefits options. They do not like to attending open-enrollment meetings. Contact us to provide fun, pithy videos employees will take the time to watch.

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We provide compelling videos, which can help visually articulate HSA, HRA and/or FSA concepts quickly, empowering your employees to become better and more informed health care consumers.

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Implement LearnYour Benefits Websites across your member organizations. Each can branded for you or your members. Each is always accessible by employees and their families. And each is purpose-built to deliver videos, documents, links, and contact information. They are an innovative communications resource and a reliable, real-time source of benefits information.

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All videos viewed and resources accessed are tracked in real time and data analytics can be used to improve future strategies and communications.

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The LearnYour Benefits team is regularly recognized for our quality of service and speed of implementation. From day one we’re dedicated to a consultative approach, strong communications, and timely support.

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Multiple video options for any budget, flexible benefit site implementations, and phased implementations. Our solutions are regularly a fraction of the price of custom or contemporary solutions.

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Pooled Benefits Organization Solutions

Solution Description
White-label implementations
Work with us to launch a video-first technology and video service implementation branded for your organization or your member organizations.
Basic Implementation
Launch a limited-number of video-first benefits communications websites. Using our LearnYour Benefit Platform you can quickly and easily manage them throughout the year. Year-round communications and updates have never been easier.
Robust Implementation
Launch LearnYour Benefits Websites for each member organization managed by them, you, or us. We do all the setup, training, and support. This is your ultimate tool for stickiness and differentiation.
Paperless programs
Launch basic LearnYour Benefits websites to replace paper benefits summaries.

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