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Understand the state of corporate well-being

In partnership with HR.com and the State of the Industry Research Association, we've gathered the 2022-2023 well-being research you need to know to help your employees thrive.

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Make your communications work harder

The easy-to-use, video-focused platform accelerates benefits knowledge through modern communication techniques, leading to happier and healthier employees. Easily pivot from open enrollment to on-boarding, to everything in between. Understand how to elevate your team and your workforce.

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Solutions for your unique situation

We offer solutions for both employers and brokers. Our clients use us for open-enrollment, on-boarding, and year-round promotions. Their uses are endless, and yours can be too. Understand the differences in solutions, problems we help you solve, and what to expect when you start working with LearnYour Benefits.

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LearnYour Benefits

Affordable pricing, impressive results

Whether your company has 100 employees or 10,000, we have affordable plan options that flex with you.

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One platform to cover all your communication needs

Shuffle designs, upload benefits videos, and market your benefits, in real-time. Learn more about the features of the platform that allow you to be up and running in no time.

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LearnYour Benefits

"The LearnYour Benefits (LYB) team helped us implement an online and mobile video solution for our 70 member banks during 2019 open enrollment. We engaged LYB to create 11 semi-custom medical and dental videos, in addition to their stock video playlist. [This] has helped our covered employees and family members become better engaged and educated regarding their specific benefits!"

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