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100+ benefits education videos you can customize in real-time are included with all solutions
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Our pricing, features, and options enable maximum ROI
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Only solution on the market designed with small to midsized employers in mind
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Our available options and real-time customization abilities makes us great for enterprises looking for better year-round engagement
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Multi-featured employee benefits communications solution that delivers an on-demand, video-focused experience that helps employees understand and navigate your benefits, yet remains affordable, insightful, and effortless to customize for you.

Solutions For:

Next-Level Effectiveness

Ultra-affordable and highly-customizable in real time for any year-round 

communications need, resulting in highly-effective communications.

Build Onboarding or Benefits Promotion Landing Pages

Effortlessly assemble your employee benefits site and landing pages for any year-round objective, from onboarding to launching pet insurance, all from a single solution.

LearnYour Benefits Allows Employees to Share Resources with Their Families

Our universally-accessible solution offers employees and their family instant access to any benefits video or resource for optimal learning and real-time decision making.

LearnYour Benefits HR and Benefits Team Administration Area.

Customize your employee-facing LearnYour Benefits website experience and videos at any time, without waiting for support or incurring costs. Plus, all packages come with rapid concierge support.


  • See our solution first hand with a free trial
  • Free setup November 16 to August 31
  • Unlimited orientation and coaching sessions
  • Unlimited optimization meetings
  • Included concierge services
  • Open enrollment refreshing included
  • Year-round campaign assistance
  • Expert custom benefits video creators
  • Software customizations are completed in house

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Learn About Our Unlimited Ability to Customize LearnYour Benefits for Your Organization

Our intuitive administration area and on-call client success teams ensure effortless implementation and customization throughout the year.

Client Testimonials

"I don’t know what took me so long to partner with the Learn Your Benefit folks – I wish I did sooner! We now have a platform in which all our benefit offerings are clearly displayed and accessible in one site."
Corporate Benefits and Risk Manager, Columbia Forest Products
"I have scoured the market and there is no other service like it, LearnYourBenefits truly delivers a one-of-a-kind service. Every employer should give them a call!"
Benefits Manager, Safilo USA

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