Your Employees Want More-Frequent Communications.

Communicating frequently with videos free of jargon is a proven way to boost employees' willingness to change.

It means more opportunities to help employees make better healthcare decisions and maximize the value of their benefits.

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LearnYour Benefits

Quickly shuffle your employees' web experience for open-enrollment, on-boarding, and year-round promotions.

No other solution is this engaging and this valuable, all year long.

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LearnYour Benefits

LearnYour Benefits Partner Solutions.

Our clients use us for open-enrollment, on-boarding, or year-round promotions. Their uses are endless, and yours can be too.

Let us help you boost your sales, differentiation, and overall engagement.

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..The LYB team was very responsive and great to work with, especially in creating the scripts and developing the videos in a condensed period of time. In addition, we were able to create individual benefits engagement sites for each of our member employers, with their own unique video playlist and access to specific benefit documents and links...