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Unsubscribe from LearnYour WorkLife Marketing Communications 

You may unsubscribe from marketing communications by clicking the unsubscribe option in any marketing email you receive, or by replying with “Unsubscribe” to 1:1 outreach emails. You may also request an unsubscribe by using the contact us form on our website. Please note that if you are an account owner on behalf of a LearnYour WorkLife customer, you may not discontinue receiving service-related communications unless the role of account owner is assigned to someone else.



California Residents

Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information and Unsubscribe from LearnYour WorkLife Marketing Communications 

If you are a California resident, please understand that LearnYour WorkLife does not sell personal information for monetary consideration. However, we do share your personal information when you request content, register for an event, and consent to receive marketing communications from LearnYour WorkLife and its partners. When you submit this form, we will revoke your consent, discontinue sharing your information with our partners, and unsubscribe you from receiving marketing communications from LearnYour WorkLife. To unsubscribe from our partners’ marketing communications, you’ll need to contact them directly. To stop LearnYour WorkLife from selling or sharing cookies or tracking technologies attached to your IP address, you must change your cookie preferences.



Opt-out Using a Preference Signal or Global Privacy Control

You may also use a browser Opt-Out Preference Signal, such as the Global Privacy Control (GPC) to opt-out of the sale/sharing of your personal information. Your GPC signal does not tell us who you are so that we can unsubscribe you from receiving communications. To appropriately identify you and fulfill your request, please contact us via our contact us form.