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Our Mission: Creating happy and healthy employees

In 2002, Korey Erb created an agency to help large organizations make specialized benefits messaging. The agency’s mission was to educate employees through effective strategies to create happier, healthier, and more engaged employees.

Korey’s agency had a highly labor-intensive process. Korey realized that only large businesses could afford to use such a specialized, service-based agency. He started to brainstorm how to bring benefits messaging solutions to smaller and mid-sized companies.

To start, Korey began working with developers to create affordable benefits software that streamlines and automates processes. The platform also provided metrics and analytics to help benefits strategists continually improve.

When the platform was finally created, Korey decided to start a separate company to offer the benefits technology. But he needed someone that knew how to financially manage start-ups, which is why he wanted to work with one of the clients at his agency, Brian Gezella.

At this point, it was now 2015. Brian had already worked as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for 9 years. Plus, Brian owned and worked as the CFO and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at his own company, Finance and Technology Leadership.

Korey knew Brian was the perfect partner to bring on as the new company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Together, Brian and Korey cofounded LearnYour Benefits.

At LearnYour Benefits, we care deeply about giving businesses the tools they need to help employees live the best possible, healthiest life they can. We help you effortlessly streamline open enrollment messaging and automate year-round promotions.

LearnYour Benefits

LearnYour Benefits is designed to be a one-stop benefits education destination, helping employees find the information they need to feel their best.

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