Eliminate the open enrollment
communications scramble.

See how we help brokers and benefits products save time, eliminate questions and develop longer-lasting client relationships.

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Our partner programs offer low per-employee per month pricing and no required setup costs.

Reduced open enrollment communications workloads, and enhanced year-round communications capabilities.

Significantly cheaper with higher utilization.

Next level communications effectiveness, for any year-round need.

Decision support tools are expensive and go unused most of the year. LearnYour Benefits makes video-focused benefits communications universally accessible and flexible for any year-round need, offering you high-levels of utilization and effectiveness, for a fraction of the price of other solutions.

Client or Member Organization Acquisition & Retention Solution

LearnYour Benefits admin area.

Our solution can be jointly managed by you, LearnYour Benefits, and your clients or member organizations. In fact, our solution is so easy to use, we strongly recommend sharing administration abilities with your client or member organization's HR teams. This is a great client benefit!

By giving clients access to LearnYour Benefits you’ll be giving them a solution they can’t get anywhere else without additional costs, leading to new clients, longer relationships, and more satisfaction.


Employees and their family will grow to love LearnYour Benefits and revisit it regularly, which will generate ongoing opportunities for you to promote additional benefits.

Use our analytics to nurture your client relationships and support your year-round engagement strategies. Our pricing is so affordable and scalable, the opportunity for real ROI and payback is always there.

Data and analytics for compliance and year-round client nurturing


With our engagement analytics you'll be better prepared to prove outreach and results for the Consolidated Appropriations Act.

LearnYour Benefits Allows You to Measure Your Benefits Communications' Engagement and Effectiveness


Our engagement dashboard will help you and your clients measure the reach of communications programs and benefit launches, leading to improved strategies and increased adoption of benefits and point solutions

Instant scalability

  • Instantly implement online, video-focused benefits communications for your clients and member organizations without the need to assemble multiple tools or solutions.
  • There are no required setup fees and you only pay for what you need.  

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What our clients say

LearnYour Benefits' Client, The Virginia Bankers Association

“The LYB team was very responsive and great to work with, especially in creating the scripts and developing the videos in a condensed period of time. In addition, we were able to create individual benefits engagement sites for each of our member employers, with their own unique video playlist and access to specific benefit documents and links.”

Benefits Manager, Virginia Bankers Association