Multi-featured, video-focused solution for any size organization

Delivers an on-demand, video-focused experience to your employees, yet is affordable, insightful, and effortless to customize for you

LearnYour Benefits comes with many features to drive employee benefits learning and action.

New features added all the time


Included QR code creator for use in mailers or posters


All new menus and video editing abilities

Included and optional features.

100+ benefits education videos you can digitally customize to drive learning and action

Detailed benefit plan videos you can customize to your plans in real-time

LearnYour Benefits is a desktop and mobile benefits communications solution.

Schedule a live consult to learn about custom videos, custom designs, and integrations

Unlimited streaming and storage for your existing videos and resources

Help employees navigate the complex benefits environment

Use buttons, links, and calls-to-action to help employees navigate all your plans, websites, and point solutions

Our sharing feature allows employees to share resources and videos with their family and helps HR support teams efficiently answer questions

Display text, videos, resources, and FAQs at specific points in videos to capture employee attention and drive learning and action

Become a benefits promotion expert

Change website layouts to boost employee interest by prominantly displaying specific benefits at key times of the year

Use our message areas for FAQs or as a complete, paper-saving virtual benefits guide

Available virtual benefits fair landing pages for open enrollment and onboarding

Create categories, pages, and landing pages to promote specific benefits or reach specific groups of employees

Anywhere accessibility helps employees and their families

Employees and their family access your LearnYour Benefits site using the custom website URL you choose and a desktop or mobile internet browser.

Although you can secure sites, we recommend open websites to improve employees’ access to information for better real-time decision making and benefits utilization.

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What our clients say

“LearnYourBenefits is a game changer! Since partnering, we have had the EASIEST and most effective broad reaching Open Enrollment communication campaigns.”

Benefits Manager, Safilo USA